[Python] Checkio Solution 解答 – Absolute Sorting



Let's try some sorting. Here is an array with the specific rules.

The array (a tuple) has various numbers. You should sort it, but sort it by absolute value in ascending order. For example, the sequence (-20, -5, 10, 15) will be sorted like so: (-5, 10, 15, -20). Your function should return the sorted list or tuple.






The numbers in the array are unique by their absolute values.



An array of numbers , a tuple.



The list or tuple (but not a generator) sorted by absolute values in ascending order.



The results of your function will be shown as a list in the tests explanation panel.



len(set(abs(x) for x in array)) == len(array)
0 < len(array) < 100
all(isinstance(x, int) for x in array)
all(-100 < x < 100 for x in array)


Source: https://py.checkio.org

My Solution:

def checkio(numbers_array): 
  numbers = list(numbers_array) 
  for i in range(len(numbers)): 
    numbers[i] = abs(numbers[i]) 
  numbers = sorted(numbers) 
  for i in range(len(numbers)): 
    for j in range(len(numbers_array)): 
      if numbers[i] == abs(numbers_array[j]) and numbers_array[j] < 0: 
        numbers[i] = numbers_array[j] 
  return numbers


First I converted the given tuple into list. Then I converted the list to have all absolute values using a for loop and sorted the absolute list. I used another for loop, which included one more for loop, to compare the absolute list with the original tuple. I believe there must be a simpler way of solving this but for now I'm fine with this solution. Maybe later on, when I have time, I will come back and update this to a better one.

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